Warranty Information & Returns

A Rugged Product Backed by a Great Warranty

The Audio Icons FH1 is backed by a one year warranty against defects.  We have built a rugged product that should be trouble-free, but if you've had any product issues we'll work to correct that.  Contact ted@audioicons.com if you have such an issue.

Please also keep in mind that the following will void your warranty:

• Dis-assembling the speaker system.  There are seals that will be broken.

• Exposure to liquids causing damage.  The FH1 can resist a light sprinkle, but larger amounts will cause damage and void the warranty.  There is a moisture detector inside the unit.

• Usage in extreme temperatures ranging from below 15 degrees F to above 100 degrees F.

• A severe impact.  The FH1 is a replica football helmet so it is rugged, but a severe impact could disable the system.

Key facts about the warranty:

• It is transferable to one person

• Whether it is the original purchaser or the second person, the original receipt is required for a return (email receipt).

• Contact ted@audioicons.com to return your unit

Satisfaction Returns

We are so confident that you'll enjoy the FH1 that we offer a 10 day, no questions return policy.  Key facts on this return policy:

• The same voids apply as mentioned for the warranty (see above).

• We'll pick up the system at no cost.

• Please state why you didn't like the system when you contact us.

• Contact must be made within 10 days of the delivery date to you.

• You will be charged a restocking fee of $30.

• Contact us at ted@audioicons.com to start the process.