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New stores will be announced in Alabama soon!  Order the Alabama FH1 here for quick delivery with free shipping.  For information about offering the FH1 for sale at your business location, contact


The University of Georgia Bookstore

40 Baxter St, Athens, GA 30602  view map  |  706-542-3171 

Visit the store on the University of Georgia campus or their online store.



The Clubhouse

157 College Ave., Athens GA 30601  view map  |  706-369-9541

 Visit the store in downtown Athens, GA or their online store.


For product demos and sales in the East Lansing area of Michigan, contact You can also order the Michigan State FH1 here with free, quick shipping.



College Traditions

286 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43201  view map  |  614-291-4678

Visit the store on the Ohio State campus or their online store. 

More Online Stores

All of our FH1 Speaker Systems are available on - Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan State.

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For information about offering the FH1 for sale at your business location or joining our sales team, contact